Petr Dlouhý 
Czech coordinator

Aneta Hladovcová 
Czech production manager

Sarah Kindermann
German coordinator



Nová síť z. s.

For eighteen years, Nová síť has supported performing arts and cooperation in culture. It is an open cultural organisation which connects the regions of the Czech Republic with Prague and abroad, strengthens communication between the public administration and the participants of cultural life and strives for decentralization, development and cultivation of open society in the Czech Republic. The main projects by Nová síť are the CZECH CULTURAL NETWORK NOVÁ SÍŤ, the new theatre festival MALÁ INVENTURA, the communication platform Prague - Berlin PRALIN and the project supporting artistic residencies ART-IN-RES.

The Berlin Performing Arts Programm


With the Performing Arts Program, LAFT Berlin has created an effective instrument for the infrastructural strengthening, professionalization and networking of Berlin‘s independent performing arts community. The goals are increasing and cementing the visibility of artistic work within the creative hub of Berlin, the opening of the independent performing arts community for new audience members, bundling and passing on knowledge and competencies, the strengthening of synergies and creating new cooperations within and beyond the independent performing arts community itself.