Malá inventura 2021


The festival Malá inventura is a showcase for noteworthy projects in new theatre of the preceding year. Due to the current situation, the major Prague celebration of new theatre is going to be presented from 19 to 27 February 2021 in a somewhat different format. Malá inventura will open with a streamed cabaret PiNKBUS, the audiences should also look forward to online guided tours of the Prague independent venues through a 360° camera lens. The festival website will host Take His/Her Breath Away!, a special Covid-19 edition of an exchange market for projects. Plus, Life on Air, an exclusive series of conversations hosted by Jiří Šimek and Emil Rothermel, will introduce prominent representatives of independent theatre.

“The festival is completely ready, as featured on our website, and the programme is remarkably attractive despite the situation,” says Petr Pola, Artistic Director of Malá inventura. “However, we do not believe that online format is the right fit for a new theatre, and because we love offline—which is the theme of this year edition—we have decided that the festival will not be livestreamed. Nevertheless, we have prepared a unique accompanying programme that offers our audiences an opportunity to experience things that are normally beyond the festival scope, either because of the lack of time or space. It is a great chance for people to see things that would under normal circumstance remain hidden. It will be exclusive and one and only, that’s our hope.”

 “Online festival is one of likely formats allowing us to endure the current crisis, but it will always be different from a live event. We do not refuse the idea of an online theatre or try to avoid it, nevertheless the theatre that we present at the festival cannot exist without live audiences,” adds Adriana Světlíková, Director of Malá inventura. “We hope that the shows that are not performed live now at Malá inventura will be featured later during the year, as part of the festival, at other venues in the cities Jičín, Jihlava, České Budějovice, and Karlovy Vary, and possibly at other places in the Czech Republic.”

Even though the state of emergency in the Czech Republic recently expired, the festival organizers have decided to proceed with their final decision and keep access to the programme limited for general public. The priority is to make it available primarily to the professional community and expert public in order to maintain key relationships. Should, however, the pandemic situation improve and restrictions be lifted, parts of the in-person programme may open to general public following strict hygiene practices.

Due to the COVID-19 regulations the planned PRALIN program has been forwarded to September 16 and 17, 2021 as a part of the international conference Culture Get-Together.


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