PRALIN is a communication platform that connects independent art communities in Prague and Berlin. It aims to actively promote and mediate communication between artists and professionals within the field of performing arts, and also to present both Prague artists in Berlin and Berlin artists in Prague.

Project activities



Services for artists and other professionals in Prague and Berlin that aim to answer individual questions and to arrange contacts with relevant partners.

These consultation services are open to artists, curators, dramaturges, producers, researchers, theoreticians, and other active professionals in the independent scenes in the following tasks:

- searching for a suitable space for an art stay
- arranging contact with specific artists and groups, tutors, curators, and other art professionals
- presenting information on how the local art scene operates regarding financing, local teams, networking, etc.
- searching for potential partners for comprehensive projects and initiatives that connect the Prague and Berlin art spaces

Staff Exchange

The Staff Exchange programme offers ways to get to know the art community in the partner city, start new co-operations, and start conversations about new co-production projects. Participants may enter the programme once a year via an
open call.

Over the course of one year, participants will be given the chance to be present at several relevant festivals, events, symposiums, and conduct personal meetings according to their wishes and their specific field of activity. At the same time, participants will be given specific information regarding European funds, and strategies to initiate, develop, and maintain the projects and activities between Prague and Berlin in an effective way.

The Staff Exchange programme is open to curators, dramaturges, producers, researchers, and artists who are at the same time also producers of their own work.

Festival delegations and shows

Each year art professionals have the chance to attend the festival in the partner city. The Malá inventura festival of new theatre offers a programme of fruitful networking for professionals from Berlin, and the Berlin Performing Arts Festival offers the same for Prague professionals. Participants are chosen via an open call.

Delegates will gain wider knowledge of the professional art scene, closer knowledge of local groups, possibilities, and hot issues. At the same time, they will get the chance for financial support if they choose one of the festival projects for presenting at their own scene, festival, etc.

Delegations are aimed at curators, dramaturges, producers, artists, and critics. The Malá inventura festival also features a presentation of independent artists both from Berlin and Prague. This compact presentation programme for the Czech audience and theatre artists aims to present Berlin culture and increase the interest in the independent Berlin theatre scene. The curators aim to present unusual theatre processes, and to offer the Czech audience and art community new ideas and formats in the modern performing arts.


Culture Get-Together

A conference for independent professionals in the field of performing arts focused on theatre, dance, and other related arts.
Industry Get-Together Berlin has been hosted by Performing Arts Programm Berlin since 2013. The aim of the conference is to exchange experience and knowledge, discuss topical issues, search for new partners, develop current contacts, and create new ones.

The 2020 Culture Get-Together conference in Prague aims to create a platform for an open dialogue between professionals in the independent performing arts industry (including organizations of theatre, dance, and new circus) and representatives of cities, regions, and public administration.

The conference does not aspire to resolve particular problems but identify so called baseline, which can then lead to better understanding of the present-day challenges, recognizing matters that are less pressing or more urgent—for both groups of the attending presenters. Accordingly, we strive to establish a communication channel which, once a year, brings both sectors together and contributes to eliminating barriers. So that we help streamline mutual communication and articulate the essential.